2 Responsibilities of an Entertainment Lawyer

Every field has lawyers. Whether you’re in the auto industry or environmental industry, there are lawyers who know how to guide, fight and win a case in every situation. Being that the field of law is so vast and expansive, there are many opportunities for people who enjoy debating, reading and being detail oriented to enter the field of law. It’s a good career with lots of growth potential, both financially and professionally. John Branca is an entertainment lawyer, so his job is a little more fun than most because it surrounds show business which is an amusing, exciting and exhilarating profession. If you love any and all things entertainment and have also considered law, you may be able to combine those two passions and make them a career such as entertainment lawyer John Branca did. If you aren’t sure what the job would entail, here are two responsibilities you’d have.

1. Act as a Negotiator

As an entertainment lawyer, you become the eyes and ears of the person you’re representing. It’s up to you ensure they’re signing good contracts where they don’t get taken advantage of, advise them on different jobs they may be considering and work with possible employers to negotiate the best contract for your client. You have to excel in advocating for your client and cutting deals. Your paycheck is dependent on making sure you can negotiate good deals and offers for the client you represent. Don’t worry – law school will help you hone these negotiation skills, but here are some other tips to check out if you want to improve your deal-making expertise.

2. Connect Clients With People in the Business

As an entertainment lawyer, you’ll become very in tune with the talent scene in whatever area you’re working in. You’ll know good agents, networks, scouts and many other professionals in the field and may act as a vessel of connection for people who employ you. Being well connected gives you leverage in advocating for someone you think has talent and can really grow in the field. If you’re employed by a client, you’re going to want to see them succeed in the industry because that will only help you flourish, too.

While law may be a tough field, it’s rewarding, as well, and who says it can’t be fun? Working as an entertainment lawyer is an exciting, stimulating and engaging way to surround yourself with show business by being a big player in helping someone achieve their dream and make it in the entertainment business.