A Dyad Of Washington’s Meridian Literary Agents Tell President Trump’s Old Personal Secretary, Madeleine Westerhout, Could Brand Millions If She Writes A Tell-All Of Her Fourth Dimension Working For The President.

Axios reports.

But a root around Westerhout says she has “no intention” of writing a mass most her fourth dimension working for the president. The root added that Westerhout had “very positive” experiences amongst President Trump too would bring nil negative to say.

Wait. Aren’t at that spot Trump fans who’d similar reading a mass of dainty things most Trump? I approximate it can’t piece of job similar that because a money-maker mass needs to survive framed 1 fashion or some other too pitched, too if the mass is premised on a violation of trust too selling the access yous 1 time enjoyed, you’ve ruined the foundation for a positive framework. And that’s why tell-all books are presumptively crap.

The Axios article quotes Sean Spicer, Trump’s quondam press secretary, who turned downwards tell-all coin too only wrote a mass that didn’t piece of job cloth gained inward confidence:

“Anyone leaving this direction that’s interested inward writing a mass has a alternative to make… Number one: Go for the big bucks, enjoin all, but too thence worry most whether anyone inward the futurity volition transcend on to trust you. Two is to part your storey but keep a marking of loyalty, integrity too trustworthiness.”

Notice Spicer does not comprehend loyalty, integrity, too trustworthiness every bit substance values. The substance value is one’s career, too the appearance of loyalty, integrity, too trustworthiness is a way to that end. Sad!