Attributes of a good auto accident attorney

After an accident, often, it is not easy to get the financial settlement necessary to cater for lost wages, medical bills, and other costs brought about by accident. Having an adequate legal representation is a critical step towards getting the desired outcome. How then can one find an experienced auto accident lawyer? The following are some attributes of a reasonable car accident attorney.


Experienced car accident lawyers should be well versed with the cases for which you are seeking representation. Moreover, they should be able to fight in court and secure adequate compensation. All in all, look for an experienced lawyer such as a car accident attorney Washington-based, who has a solid reputation with other attorneys and a good track record litigation of cases to a jury trial.


If you are involved in an accident, you need an attorney who cares about your welfare. Compassion ensures that the client-attorney relationship works more effectively. An attorney who cares about you and will fight harder to ensure that you get proper compensation.

Passion for their work

A reasonable accident attorney should be engaged with and interested in the work. They should also be eager to handle your case. An attorney ready and intrigued to fight for you in court is the lawyer you should hire.

The ability to narrate a story

Lawyers who know how to narrate stories are more compelling in the court of law. It would be best if you always looked for an attorney who can get the facts of the case and coin a narrative that proves you deserve compensation. An attorney who has litigated many jury trials is most likely a compelling storyteller.


Fighting the insurers is a challenging task. Most insurance companies design tactics to discourage and demoralize people trying to prosecute them. A reasonable accident attorney should be determined to go through these hurdles.

A steadfast approach

Your attorney should not waver in the strategy they employ. They should be willing to pursue your case to the desired resolution regardless of the time they require to accomplish it.


A good accident lawyer should display courtesy to all. It is possible to be tough without necessarily resorting to underhanded tactics or rudeness that reflect your case well.