Bret Stephens Seems To Mean Value That His Social Condition Should Homecoming Him Immune From Criticism From People Similar Me.

“I mean value that the rewards of his social condition come upwards amongst an agreement that lesser-known people volition enjoin hateful things nearly him online. Stephens reached out to me inwards the false belief that I would experience ashamed. He reached out believing my academy would chastise me for provoking the ire of a author at The New York Times. That’s an abuse of his social station.”

Writes Brian Karpf inwards “I Called Bret Stephens a Bedbug. Then He Tried to Squelch My Freedom of Speech. What a Day. This, afterwards embarrassing himself on Twitter together with on national television” (Esquire).

And here’s the splendid reply from the university’s provost:

ADDED: Excellent except to the extent that the provost is however doing two spaces afterwards a period. Come on! Also, there’s no extra infinite earlier the novel paragraph. That too much/too little combination is mildly infuriating.