I’m reading…

From “The Amazing Treasure Trove of Bill Cunningham/Here comes a big novel motion-picture exhibit book, organized yesteryear decade together with alongside to a greater extent than than 700 photographs” (NYT).

I bought the book, “Bill Cunningham: On the Street: Five Decades of Iconic Photography.”

What is the give-and-take for writing a give-and-take inwards a manner that expresses its meaning? It was a pop degree of humor, years ago. I’m talking close the accidentally elusive representation of “elusiveness” inwards the screenshot text above. For example, you lot mightiness write the give-and-take “fancy” inwards letters that convey curlicues. Does it seem similar something that was done inwards Mad Magazine? It’s almost the same affair every bit what you lot run into inwards the best of Saul Steinberg (from “The Inspector”). Depicting “now or never”:

This is a somewhat unlike humour sentiment from Steinberg (that is, if you lot know the give-and-take I’m looking for, I don’t recall it’s the give-and-take for this):