For Men Who Are Allegedly Too Thus ‘Proud’ Of Beingness Straight, They Appear To Demo Existent Incompetence At Attracting Women To Their Event.

“Seems to a greater extent than similar a ‘I-Struggle-With-Masculinity’ parade to me. Hope they grow plenty over the adjacent twelvemonth to back upwardly / bring together LGBTQ fam adjacent #Pride.”

Tweeted Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez inwards what I approximate to last apt, light-hearted pushback (reported at The Hill).

Here’s the video that accompanied her gentle mockery:

What’s amongst “Make Normalcy Normal Again”? What a distressing slogan! If yous were rattling proud of what yous are, why would yous take away You, the Individual to likewise last the norm? And if yous are rattling needy, why would it last plenty to last recognized equally — of all things — normal?

Also, guys, when you’re marching inwards a parade close your pride, don’t last staring downward into your jail cellphone phone. That’s no mode to limited pride. It is a expert mode to limited neediness. Has anyone “liked” me inwards the final few seconds?

And perchance refrain from giving the finger?

I mean, is that your excogitation for the supply to normalcy?

By the way, “normalcy” is a word tightly connected to i President, the President most good known for beingness bad, Warren G. Harding. His famous quote:

“America’s introduce take away is non heroics, but healing; non nostrums, but normalcy; non revolution, but restoration; non agitation, but adjustment; non surgery, but serenity; non the dramatic, but the dispassionate; non experiment, but equipoise; non submergence inwards internationality, but sustainment inwards triumphant nationality.”

From Wikipedia, “Return to normalcy”:

Return to normalcy, a supply to the mode of life earlier World War I, was U.S. of A. presidential candidate Warren G. Harding’s travail slogan for the election of 1920. Although detractors of the fourth dimension tried to belittle the word “normalcy” equally a neologism equally good equally a malapropism, proverb that it was poorly coined yesteryear Harding (as opposed to the to a greater extent than accepted term normality), in that place was contemporaneous give-and-take as well as prove that normalcy had been listed inwards dictionaries equally far dorsum equally 1857.

I can’t aid thinking that whoever pose the word “normalcy” inwards the straight-pridesters slogan intended to screw amongst the heteronormalists.

ADDED: In “A Hard Day’s Night,” Ringo, the master incel, is incited to become “parading,” as well as seconds afterwards he responds to the incitement to parade, Ringo gives the Hitler salute!