How To Know When Divorce Is the Right Decision

When you were married, divorce was the furthest thing from your mind. Unfortunately, people and situations can change in ways you’d never imagine. The hardest part is hoping things will get better when it’s clear they won’t. Here are four occasions when divorce is the right decision.

Your Partner Is Abusive

If you’re living with a partner that’s physically, mentally or emotionally abusive, it’s never okay. First, you need to ensure your safety and that of your children. Then, unless your spouse is willing to resolve the problem, you’re better off divorcing.

You’re Happier Alone

Some couples grow apart over time and if you find that you’re happier when you’re alone, that could be a sign of impending divorce. If your partner feels the same and there’s no animosity, you may benefit from an uncontested divorce Tampa. It’s quicker, more affordable and less stressful than a traditional divorce.

You’ve Lost Yourself

When you concentrate so hard on a relationship that you forgo your own happiness, you can lose yourself. If you haven’t seen friends or family for months, no longer have outside interests and live solely for your partner, you’re in an unhealthy relationship. Divorce is sometimes best so that you can begin putting yourself first.

You Can’t Forgive Them

If your spouse has been unfaithful, or has done something that you can’t forgive, divorce could be the answer. Even with marriage counseling, some people can’t get past a certain event. When all efforts have been exhausted, a divorce may be preferable.

Your Marriage Is Beyond Repair

Divorce should always be the last resort, but if a situation is beyond repair, it may be the clear choice. When a partner is abusive, or you’re much happier on your own, there may be no other recourse. Once a divorce is in the past, you can begin to heal for the future.