Is It Similar K-Pop?/No, It’S Based On Korean Traditional Singing. It Was Form Of Similar David Bowie Bass Together With Drums, Together With Thus This Actually Wild Due South Korean Traditional Singing.

“It’s polytonal. It’s a unlike science than nosotros use, amongst to a greater extent than notes inwards it. And a lot of gender-crossing. It looked similar I was seeing the future,” said Linda Ronstadt, responding to the New Yorker interviewer later she mentioned a “Korean band… called SsingSsing” every bit seen inwards this “Tiny Desk” concert:

Here’s the interview: “Linda Ronstadt Has Found Another Voice/The vocalizer on living amongst Parkinson’s, the perils of stardom, as well as mourning what the edge has become.”

About the border:

I grew upwards inwards the Sonoran Desert, as well as the Sonoran Desert is on both sides of the border. There’s a struggle that runs through it now, exactly it’s notwithstanding the same culture. The same food, the same clothes, the same traditional life of ranching as well as farming. I top downwards at that topographic point a lot, as well as it’s as well as hence difficult to larn dorsum across the border. It’s ridiculous. It used to travel that y’all could top across the edge as well as bring dejeuner as well as see friends as well as store inwards the petty shops there. There was a beautiful subdivision store inwards the fifties as well as sixties. My parents had friends on both sides of the border. They were friends amongst the ranchers, as well as nosotros went to all their parties as well as their baptisms as well as their weddings as well as their balls. And instantly that’s gone….

About Parkinson’s:

Well, I prevarication downwards a lot, because I’m disabled. I create a lot of reading… It’s difficult for me to larn out. It’s difficult for me to sit down inwards a eating seat or sit down upwards inwards a chair. It’s difficult for me to stand upwards around, as well as hence if there’s a province of affairs where I’m liable to travel caught inwards a doorway talking to mortal for 5 minutes, I tend to avoid that.