Is It Time You Talked To an Attorney?

Retaining a personal lawyer full time can be expensive, and for most people it’s not necessary, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to go without a relationship with a lawyer. Even if you only make contact for specific legal needs like changes to your will and go months or years between conversations, establishing that relationship with a professional you trust is an important part of your estate planning and overall household risk management.

Resources in an Emergency

A personal attorney with a generalized practice that includes family law, personal injury, and estate planning gives you options for most of your needs. In the event of a legal issue they don’t cover like criminal charges or specialized business tax issues, local attorneys Spring Hill FL are still a vital resource, because their professional connections allow them to make competent referrals to the right local professionals whenever your needs extend beyond their umbrella. For issues they do take care of, they’re an immediate resource when you need one, whether it’s an auto accident, slip and fall, or injury at work.

How Often Should You See an Attorney?

If there’s no issue you need to litigate, you should still talk to a lawyer at least once a year. If you’re using their services for tax planning, it’s even better to see them every quarter to make sure you are on track and within bounds, since IRS reporting is quarterly. Otherwise, an annual review of your estate documents and insurance portfolio should be enough to tackle any updates and changes you need. That kind of consultation isn’t expensive, especially when you consider the kind of peace of mind it buys.

So when should you establish this kind of legal relationship? The easy answer is the simple one, and that is as soon as your resources allow. Establishing even a simple will for your basic assets forms a relationship you can call on when you need help, and there’s no minimum age for that. It’s always a good idea.