Sometimes [Maria] Qamar’S Women Are Crying Together With Lovelorn. Other Times They’Re Glossy-Haired Containers Of Rage That Saltation Colorfully, Fantastically Off The Canvas.

“In the installation’s titular work, a bloody, disembodied manlike somebody manus grabs a lavender-skinned adult woman past times the arm. ‘FRAAAANDSHIP?’ he asks. The woman’s ‘NO’ reverberates through the gallery’s white walls…. ‘Obviously at that topographic point are parts of our civilization that are deep in addition to night in addition to that evoke rage. And in addition to thus at that topographic point are for sure parts that are simply silly. I similar that it doesn’t cause got to brand y’all holler all the time. That’s the motive of what I do. You tin cause got fun. You tin sit down on a samosa chair in addition to verbalize virtually patriarchy. The kickoff measuring nosotros should accept is laughing inward the appear upwardly of adversity. Or devastation, rather. That’s how I bargain alongside it.'”

From “The Artist Blending Pop Art in addition to Indian Soap Operas” (The Cut).