The Great World Cup Germany

The 2006 FIFA World Cup, also known as the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany or simply the Football World Cup, is scheduled to be held in Germany between 9 June 2006 and 9 July 2006. All 32 participating teams have been confirmed as qualified for the tournament. The 2006 finals will be the 18th. If you are in Germany, be sure to visit .

The World Cup final tournament will be held in 12 German cities. All stadium capacities are seated. Because some of the seats have been replaced by terraces, many of these stadiums can accommodate German domestic football matches. From 2006, only the host nation is eligible to qualify automatically.

The six FIFA confederations received a portion of the 32 spots in the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualification process. This was based on their team strength. The final distribution was:Europe – represented UEFA – 51 teams compete for 13 places;Africa -10 teams. South America – 39 teams. North, Central American, and Caribbean – 34 teams. Oceania – 12 teams.

The defending champion (Brazil), is not automatically qualified for the tournament. The automatic spot for the hosts, Germany, will be retained. The 1934 defending champions (Uruguay), declined to take part and the hosts (Italy), had to qualify. However, in tournaments between 1938 (inclusive) and 2002 (inclusive), both the hosts and the champions had automatic spots.

Oceania was originally to receive one spot in the final 32. However, the idea was interpreted as giving Australia an almost certain spot in the finals. Australia is the most powerful footballing country in their region. In June 2003, the original distribution of places between Oceania (South America) was reexamined.

The major surprises in European qualification at World Cup Germany came from the absence of 2002 third-place finishers Turkey, which was eliminated by Switzerland after a dramatic playoff. 2004 European Champions Greece was also eliminated by the Ukraine. Established sides Denmark, Portugal and Russia were also eliminated by the Ukraine. The 2002 quarter-finalists in Africa were Senegal, Togo and established sides South Africa and Cameroon (eliminated respectively by Ghana, C?te d’Ivoire and Angola). They did not make it to the finals. Other zones did not experience major upsets. While representing Oceania from 2006, Australia has been part of the Asian Confederation and will represent Asia at the following World Cups.

If the teams are tied on points at the end, the tied team will be ranked according to the following: greater number of points in matches between tied teams, greater goal difference in matches between tied teams and greater number of goals in all group matches. A play-off on neutral grounds with extra time and penalties (in qualifying), drawing of lots (at final event).

The 2006 FIFA World Cup will be held in Germany. This is 32 years after the last German football World Cup. The New Germany, located in the middle of Europe, will be the focal point of the world’s attention for the first time since the unification of the two German states.