What Are the Requirements of an H1B Visa? Everything You Need to Understand Before Applying

H1B Visa is a provisional (non-immigrant) visa that allows professionals to reside and work in the USA for a given period. It’s employment-based. The state imposes laws to protect US citizens holding similar positions and H1B visa holders from exploitation from their employers. Thus, it’s essential to understand the H1B visa law Los Angeles-located before you begin the process.

H-1B Visa Qualifications

The H-1B is a specialty occupation visa; hence professional qualification is essential. In this case, you must demonstrate theoretical and practical capability in the field, accompanied by at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

Similarly, your employer should justify why you’re the best fit and prove that a local citizen can’t accomplish the task, either due to unavailability or lack of academic or professional experience. Additionally, you must be lawfully qualified to offer the services. For example, you must be licensed and present every other credential the job requires before you petition and fill the H-1B visa.

Does H-1B Visa have a Validity Period?

Yes. An H-1B visa has an initial approval period of three years. Afterward, the law allows you to extend your stay in increments of up to another three years, after which your visa expires. The H1B Visa can’t extend beyond six years. However, the Visa allows you to apply for permanent residency in the USA.

What’s the Process for Obtaining an H-1B Visa?

• You must meet the qualifications and eligibility criteria for an H-1B visa.

• Your employer obtains a Labor Condition Application approval from the Department of Labor in the US.

• The employer fills the H1B petition with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and obtains authorization.

• You apply for the Visa and acquire the stamping at the US embassy in your home country.

• After the process, your application awaits approval, after which you’ll be ready to grab the job offer.

The H-1B Visa applies to a limited number of occupations. Apart from the professional and academic qualifications, you must also have a valid passport, appear for the Visa interviews at your local US embassy, pay visa fees, and fill the application form.